Monday, June 20, 2011

More Vintage Sheet Goodness

I've been wanting to quilt sooo badly but having a new baby doesn't leave me with much time. She's a really happy baby who sleeps well at night (usually about 7 hours straight now) but since she is sleeping so well at night, she eats a lot during the day. Plus, I have notoriously slow eating babies. She nurses for an hour or so, five or six times a day.

So like I said, not a lot of sewing going on :)

But I had a bunch of 36 inch strips cut from when I was cutting fat quarters from my vintage sheet collection. I figured if I was going to the trouble of ironing them that I might as well cut a bunch of other stuff at the same time. I also have a bunch of 5 inch charm squares and drunkards path blocks cut out too, but they will take longer to put together and I needed something quick!

I finished this quilt top in about an hour last night after the baby went to bed. I think it is simple but sweet. I can hardly wait to quilt it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. Love love LOVE the fabric, and your speedy --but adorable-- quilt top!

  2. It is adorable and can't wait to see the finished product...

  3. I remember those days of feeding a baby...aaah, 22 years ago was my last...It does go fast, when looking back.

    I LUV your vintage sheets...not to offend, but, I always have to laugh when I see "vintage" with stuff...I "lived" those kind of sheets... =P

    YEP...guess, Imma "vintage" wink, wink,

    =) new follower =)



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