Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Finished Quilts and Randomness

Here are a couple of quilts I finished earlier this spring but never got around to blogging about. They were the last 2 unfinished quilt tops I had. Now the only quilt WIP (work in progress) I have is a bunch of HST blocks that will make another value quilt someday.

The first is a simple pinwheel quilt. I used fabric I'd had hanging around for a while. I sort of fell out of love with this fabric, which I bought before I found the wonderful world of online fabric shopping. I think it's pretty cute now though - perfect for a sweet baby girl :)

This quilt was also made with fabric I'd had for some time, but that I definitely still liked! The pattern is a disappearing nine patch that went together quite quickly. Both these quilts were free motion quilted and I'm starting to feel much more comfortable with it.

I'm starting to get my sewing groove back. Things are still busy with a new baby but I'm trying to sew at least a little everyday. It's less than two months until the Millrace Folk Festival and I'm trying to sew some new items for that too!

Random picture of my sweet baby :)

And last, but not least, my oldest turned 6 yesterday! How did that happen??? :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!


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