Thursday, August 4, 2011

Millrace Folk Festival

So this past weekend was my second year having a booth in the craft village at the Millrace Folk Festival in Cambridge. Other than a couple (pretty lame) Christmas shows, this is the only craft booth I've done, and I love it! It's a really great festival. If you're local and you've never been, you really should check it out next year. There are 2-3 main stages and a couple acoustical tents and a few of the downtown pubs have performances too! There are folk dancers, clowns, food vendors, the craft village and more. I've never been down to the main stage at the Millrace but I've heard some really fantastic music up in Civic Square. I also had some fabulous pork tacos :)

This year I got my first choice for booth location and chose a corner spot. I loved my booth set up last year but it only left my mom and I about 24" of space behind the tables and I knew that wouldn't work this year because I'd have Evie with me all weekend. The corner booth didn't work as well for displaying but we had lots of space for a couple chairs and the stroller too. Plus, I had more exposure. I'll definitely try for the same space next year but rework the set up because next year I'll be baby free again :)

Can I just tell you how wonderful my baby is? We were there Friday from around 4:45 pm to midnight, Saturday from just after 8 am until almost midnight and Sunday from 12:30 pm to almost midnight again and I'm sure she didn't cry more than 5 minutes combined for the entire time! She really is such a happy, easy baby. I feel so blessed. Our booth neighbours kept saying how they couldn't even tell there was a baby there because she was just so quiet. It really was lots of fun and my mom was in Grandma heaven :)

Here are a few pictures from the festival!

My booth!

A closer look

Evangeline napping with my mom

Sleeping again :)

Me and my sweet girl

I'm still recouperating but already looking forward to next year!

Have a great day all!



  1. How fun! I can't believe it's already been a year since, well, last year's! Evie is precious, and I'm so glad things went smoothly with her there.

  2. Such a nice booth, thanks for sharing, looks like fun!

  3. So awesome to see people get out and share their art. I've always wanted to but haven't been able to make the push. Thanks for sharing!



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