Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Here are a few pictures of our first day of school yesterday.

It was chilly again this year, so jackets were a must!

First day of SK (Senior Kindergarten).

First day of Grade One *tear*.

Being silly with Daddy :)

Just a little bus this year :)

They were both a little nervous but they came home super happy and could not wait to go back today! Hard to believe that next year three will get on the bus :)


  1. Hi Bethany I stumbled your lovely blog you are a talented sewer. It is hard to watch them grow up isn't it. I am following your blog. We are in Ontario too but we are in Eastern Ontario the bulk of the blogs I come across are in the US it is nice to find a fellow Ontarian :D Feel free to pop by and meet our family too.

  2. Bethany,

    Awww...your kids are so cute!! You look like you have a wonderful family :) You sew so beautifully and are really talented!!



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