Monday, June 21, 2010

Knits Aren't So Scary After All

I've been thinking about buying this pattern for a while. It seemed like the perfect pattern. You can use upcycled knits (old t-shirts) or new yardage or a combination of the two. The possibilities for creativity seemed endless. I have two girls who could wear them. The price was right.

But there was one problem. I've never sewn knit fabric before. And I was always under the impression that it was really difficult to sew with. And I don't have a serger.

But the pattern promised that it could be sewn with a regular old sewing machine. And that Ashley would give all of her tricks and tips for sewing knits.

So I bought the pattern.

And bought some old t-shirts.

And I sewed a dress!

All that worry over nothing! The pattern had great instructions and helpful tips and the dress came together pretty quick!

Check out the bottom of the dress. This section was cut from the bottom of the t-shirt so I didn't even have to hem it!

I made the size 3T dress. If fit both of my girls (my oldest usually wears a 4/5 and the youngest a 2/3) but was probably a little short on my older daughter.

But that's okay because Juliette really seems to like it :)

I had her model on the table so she couldn't escape :)

I can't wait to sew some more!

Go check out Lil Blue Boo on etsy if you want to make your own upcycled t-shirt dress. She has other patterns too.

Happy Monday!

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